This show took two years to implement.  It is exactly a year since the doors closed on the last  (1080th?) person who visited it.

I can’t know what remains in the people who came to experience it, but I do know that it ‘moved me on’.  Looking back this is what I think.


  • It was complex. (too complex or accurately complex?)
  • Sifting the particular towards the general took enormous thought.
  • It was personal, particular and yet absolutely intentionally political
  • It was about this woman’s perception of ‘many things together’.
  • Being a woman mother artist is a particular thing.
  • Being an artist in my opinion is integral to being right inside life
  • ‘Own life’ is the only one we have. That is valid enough.
  • Focusing on the everyday is how seeing is amplified
  • Following that, the something in the seeing has to be worth sharing
  • As artists, we need our ‘windows to the soul’  cleaned all the time
  • We should never have to market or sell our own work. We are the wrong sort of person for this job. 
  • What happens when the public showing and selling structures don’t fit us. Who shrinks?
  • I try not to.
  • Being an artist, makes one make a plan.  ‘Yes I can’  brings endless options.
  • ‘More than a thousand people’  walked through my personal home. When it was done, it was done. New things followed.
  • Who we are is the only thing we have to share from.
  • I made most people pay to see the show – a very small sum, but it was just to make a point about that. (it made a few people cross) – but I get very cross when artist’s work is swallowed unconsciously. It is not always about sales.
  • Only some visitors understood the nature of this ‘fiddling’ with construct.
  • Life is an investment.
  • Art brings life.
  • Life causes art.
  • Detail is just detail.  Its fun but not the point.
  • Synthesis and thought offers clarity. This is born through the process.
  • Clarity offers a new path.
  • Simplicity as clarity comes via the ‘everything’ – not aside from it.
  • Generalities are intensely inaccurate – intense individuality has more to offer.
  • Hello to mystery.
  • Welcome stillness.