This work in resin and collected and sorted objects  (which range from sentimental trivia to significant objects from my  home) has taken months to complete. Most of that time has been spent stalling…… (whilst receiving commentary which has been absolutely divergent in nature. )  This has been funny and interesting.

It’s done at last and I am not sure how to think about it – except to say that it was a mighty challenge I set myself.  I was thinking of Pierre Bonnard’s interiors and I wondered how it would be possible to make a work that contained many layers of reference and many actual and disparate objects  of significance.

I wanted to see if I could combine difficult materials and objects together into a whole. This pursuit in some part mimics being a parent and home ‘holder’ in sometimes challenging circumstances. One tries to hold things in as harmonious and as beautiful a way as one can, in order to contain children and to create an environment of peace, despite everything to the contrary – whether that be current events, news of wars, personal anxiety or questions about bodily health and environmental degradation through our habits of careless consumerism.)

Most of all I wanted to paint and to work with vibrant colour at the same time as being able to  achieve translucency and transparency.  The latter rivaled porcelain as far as light capturing goes, it was a  joy to be released into immediate colour but as a technical process the toxicity and waste outstrips porcelain in its residue of immutable byproducts.

I think of this work as “Everything is Everything”.   I try to say that same thing with my very quiet vessels.

Love sends this light home
Where everywhere is there
And looking forward and back
Stand still