Alistair Blair, Light Forge and our studio practice in Kalk Bay.


In 2017 I was approached by Alistair Blair for tuition in porcelain and a mentorship of sorts. This unanticipated journey has taken us both by surprise and has ended up creating a mutually sustaining studio practice which so far has lasted about seven years.  We work and talk and muse and learn and try to keep the ‘Light Forge’ (which is the functional wing of the studio) productive and steady.

We talk about seeing in both metaphysical and aesthetic ways and we ponder our place as makers in this fraught and unsteady world. Alistiar’s beautiful photography of my work as a recorded stream has been an immense and unanticipated gift to me which has greatly contributed to the ongoing digital presence of my work in the world.

Often what constellates behind the eye or the lens is in fact about the way we are in the world and about the practice of living.

While Alistair works on my images, I often observe him and also reflect something back to him as I see his own practice with clay deepening and unfolding.

The world is circular and full of gifts of collaboration