The Study

The study is the room given over to the internal templates of the psychological process, and to dreams and self-reflection. This is the room where the internal world reigns. A white Perspex sheet covers the window and all through the day as the sunlight shifts, objects on the windowsill behind it are defamiliarised. Letters become a white pile of thoughts, while dreams meticulously chased down in notebooks are only a footnote stacked in pale white plastic boxes.

In this room, a personal journey of exploration is pared down to the sense of a shape amongst other human shapes. It is a matter of orientation or the sense of leaning, standing or slumping or falling. Water in glasses on a sloping shelf shows the natural register of gravity. There are a set of well formed open vessels on the ground with felt covered gongs for making the clear bell sounds which come from a high fired and well shaped porcelain form.