The Drawing Room

China, china, Spode, porcelain, Indigo, race, class, nationalism, sand, books, display, museum smells, nostalgia, filtered light, fishmoths, England, Holland, Indonesia and Africa.

My Englishness exploring my Dutchness, exploring Africanness and what it has to do with me. Everything … I am here … I am a person with a history. We are all that: composed of our dust.

Beads traded, china collected, artworks bought and stacked. Drawing room activities. Drawing out our histories and our lives making the story and ‘displaying’ this in the sitting room.

This is the room where we sit with our friends and wear the clothes of our cultures and the appendages of our families’ histories. These displays are part of the identity construction that entwines itself into each familial inheritance – whether accepted, coveted, or spurned. This room is devoted to the creation of our image, which gathers with belongings. Sometimes the gathering creates a sense of belonging and somethings these very belongings and their preservation are what arrest and disrupt our first hand engagement with the world as it changes.